Adventure Motorcycle Tours In Haiti

I was just made aware of a new adventure motorcycle tour in Haiti that I am looking forward to doing in a few weeks when I am in Haiti. Explore Haiti is a group of people living and working in Haiti with a cause behind their adventures. They will take you into the interior of Haiti to see the hidden gems of this wonderful country … all by motorcycle and while supporting the cause.

Let me remind you that this is an adventure. You will be staying in guest houses, or perhaps tents on the beach (maybe even under the stars). Who wouldn’t want to sleep under the stars on a Caribbean beach?

Explore Haiti offers one day trips, weekend excursions, or a week of adventure. You could be taken to waterfalls, secluded beaches, or visit some of the historical places of Haiti (La Citadelle for example).

Most everything is included in the tour rates (motorcycle, protective gear, food, entrance fees, security, sleeping gear and accommodations). Of course, if you want to buy something extra (souvenirs, extra treats, etc.) you would be responsible for those.

If you love the freedom of motorcycles and would love to see a country full of adventure, this would probably be the right thing for you to do. Explore for a day and have the adventure of a lifetime … in Haiti.

What is the cause?
HERO brings Emergency Medical and First Responder training to Haiti, while also providing a professional service to subscribers nationwide. By subscribing to HERO’s services you are contributing to their efforts to increase the country’s public emergency response abilities.

HERO is supported by the University of Delaware, Students for Haiti. If you would like to support the cause, you can click here.